102 Pumpkin and Squash Recipes

It’s pumpkin time! They are everywhere, in your local store or being sold on the side of the road. If you have grown your own then hopefully you have avoided the dreaded squash bugs. Let’s face it, we all seem to grow more than we actually need. If you’re like me, you grow a few extra […]

flavored homemade jam

100 Jam, Jelly, and Marmalade Recipes

Before the home refrigerator was invented in 1913, a lot of fruit went to waste unless it was preserved as a jam or jelly. This form of preservation was invented as a way of being able to eat out of season fruits as well as being a method of shipping fruits long distances. If, like us, […]

160 Halloween Recipes

Halloween will soon be here and what better way to celebrate than by organizing a fun party full of exciting Halloween inspired food and drink. You may have already chosen your Halloween outfit and decorated your home and garden but picking the right Halloween recipes can also help make your party go with a bang! […]

gluten free recipes

200 Gluten-Free Recipes

Following a gluten-free diet can feel really restrictive. And gluten isn’t just in wheat – it’s in other types of grains, too, like rye and barley. Then there’s corn gluten. Which okay for some gluten-intolerant people, but not others. Then comes oats. If you’re not sensitive to corn gluten, you should be able to eat […]

76 Delicious Apple Recipes

It’s that time of year – and you’ve got more apples than you can shake a stick at. Bags and boxes of apples all over your house – and more coming off the trees every day. Even if you don’t have your own apple trees, at this time of year, you can forage for wild […]

Plant Problems – Onion White Rot

Onion white rot – Stromatinia cepivora (syn. Sclerotium cepivorum) — the unforgiving fungal pestilence of the allium family. There is nothing so annoying as expectantly walking up to the lovely crops you’ve grown, picking your first onion, and looking at it in dismay, wondering what happened to it. This happened to me this week as I picked my […]

Plant Problems: Basil Diseases

Basil, a fragrant annual herb that is popular in cooking — particularly in Italian dishes. It’s easy to grow indoors and outdoors, but it’s still quite a fragile plant — especially in hot conditions, and is prone to a number of diseases. Basil diseases can prevent the plant from flourishing and, in some cases, can […]

Plant Problems: Bindweed

Bindweed, or bellbind, is a regular problem in gardens. This weed is incredibly frustrating for gardeners as it literally chokes fruit and vegetables. It is very difficult to control as it attempts to take over the world, or at least the garden, with its winding vines that just want to grow up everything in the […]

Pest Profiles: The Squash Bug, Anasa tristis

The bane of many gardeners life, the squash bug, Anasa tristis, is commonly found throughout the US. Their damage is limited to members of the gourd family including squash, cucumbers, and pumpkins. They attack plants in large numbers and like to gather on the leaves, vines, and fruits of the plant. The bugs cause damage to the […]

Plant Problems – Blossom End Rot

Blossom end rot – not caused by a pesky insect or a disease, but it is caused by adverse growing conditions. Although it most commonly occurs in tomatoes, it also appears on squash, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini and melons. What Causes Blossom End Rot? Blossom end rot occurs in plants when there isn’t enough calcium in […]

Tomato Hornworm

Pest Profiles: Tomato Hornworm

As the gardening season progresses, we all have to be alert and ready to tackle those annoying little insects that can decimate our crops and leave us devastated that all the hard work we put into growing our fruit and vegetables was a waste of time and money. For many growers, one of the evilest […]

Key Benefits of Goat Milk – and the science behind it.

Goat milk, also known as caprine milk, is consumed in many lands around the world. India, Spain, France and Greece are amongst the top 10 goat milk producing countries. In the United Kingdom alone, there are approximately 33,000 dairy goats. This brief review of some of the benefits of goat milk may help you decide […]

Vinegar: Not Just For Fries

  Vinegar is one of the most commonly found ingredients in the cupboard at home. As well as being used for pickling onions and adding flavor to dishes, vinegar has many other uses around the home and the garden. We’ve already talked about how to clean carpets using vinegar as one of the main ingredients, […]