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15 Awesome Gifts For Gardeners

Whether you’re looking for the most fantastic gardening gift for your loved ones, or even if you fancy treating yourself, our list has a variety of gifts for gardeners, with all kinds of ideas from monthly plant and seedboxes to high-quality potting benches. Even if they only have window boxes to grow in, there is a gift on here that will be ideal.

Subscription boxes are a really popular choice at the moment, whether you just buy one box to see whether they like it, or you go all out and buy the box for a year, subscription boxes are the gift that keeps on giving.

1. Seed Bank Box

Each month the Seed Bank sends you 8-10 different types of seeds. All the seeds are organic and are also non-GMO seeds. The seeds are sometimes rare and make a nice change from the same usual boring fruits and vegetables that you find in the local stores.

As well as the seeds you get a card which tells you a little bit about the seeds as well as how to grow them. Growing your own seeds is a great investment and a way to get your children interested in fruit and veg.

2. Adopt a Plant Box

Every month you’ll receive a small plant and a pot. You’ll also get the soil and some decorative accents. The pot will either be glass or ceramic, definitely not plastic. The plant you receive will either be a succulent, an air plant, or a house plant and it will come with information about the plant as well as how to look after it successfully.

3. Vegetable Garden Gift Box

This box contains Heirloom vegetable seeds as well as everything you need to start growing the seeds. There are 6 varieties of seeds in the box all with complete growing instructions. The gift box also includes plant markers, peat pots, and peat pellets. Whether the recipient is an experienced gardener or a complete novice, this garden gift box is a great gift that is beautifully wrapped.

All seeds come from plants grown without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

4. Garden Mug

A great gift for any female gardener that you know. You can customize the hair on the gardener to any color that you choose, The interior of the mugs are available in a range of colors with a matching handle. The potting shed is personalized with the first name of the lucky owner of the mug.

The cup holds 15 fluid ounces and is both dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

5. Gardening T-Shirt

This is a really funny t-shirt that is available in both blue and black. Sizes range from a men’s small to 3X which is 28 inches wide. It’s a very durable shirt made from a thicker and heavier cotton, but it still feels soft. It has double stitching on the sleeves and the neckline to make it last longer.


6. Wildflower Seed Bombs

These colorful balls of recycled paper have been embedded with a mixture of both perennial and annual seeds. Simply throw these balls of paper into the garden and then as the paper breaks down the plants can begin to grow.

The seeds in the seed bombs are candytuft, five spot, baby blue eyes, Siberian wallflower, scarlet flax, zinnia, sweet William pinks, corn poppy, spurred snapdragon, catchfly, English daisy, daisy, and black-eyed Susan.

7. Herb Garden Gift Basket

This fabulous idea for a gift contains 12 of the most easy to use kitchen herbs as well as lesser known herbs such as lemon balm and hyssop. This starter kit comes with seeds, peat pots, garden markers, and peat pellets as well as complete growing instructions.

You can also choose a gift box option where the kit will be packed in a recycled cardboard box and a seasonal ribbon colored choice.

8. Garden Kneeler and Seat

A great way to stay comfortable in the garden with this garden kneeler, making sure there is less pressure on the knees and the legs. and it’s made from 1-inch thick steel tubing. Made with a foam pad to keep you comfortable, this kneeler is both strong and supportive, helping you stand easily without wobbling or slipping. You can choose to either kneel or use it the other way up and sit on the padded seat.

It also comes with two large pouches, one of which can be used as a hip tool bag. The pouches are made from a very strong 600D polyester fabric. The kneeler also comes with pruning shears. The kneeler can hold up to 330lb.

9. Gardening Tool Kit

For a real gardening fan, buy them this 34 piece heavy-duty aluminum garden tools set. These gardening tools can be used inside and outside and have been designed to last for many years, making them an ideal present built to last. As well as gardening tools, the set includes gloves, a folding bucket, labels, a tote bag, and a spray bottle. The handles on the gardening tools are all ergonomically designed and won’t easily slip, ideal for gardeners of all ages.

10. Moon Calendar for Gardeners

This tool has been used for hundreds of years, with gardeners reporting that their crops are not only healthier but larger and not affected as much by pests and diseases. The moon calendar is really easy to use and understand. Simply match up the date of the new moon so that it matches the new moon on the inner wheel. You only need to buy this once, it can be used in any country, year after year, for the entire year.

11. Potting Bench

This beautiful potting bench has been meticulously made from cedar. ideal for the experienced gardener. The potting bench comes complete with LED lights that are waterproof as well as a matching plant tray, a metal basin, and two removable boxes. The galvanized metal used on the botting bench won’t rust and it is hard to scratch and resists staining. The quality of this wood is really strong and nearly 100% resistant to water, bugs, and decay.

12. The Complete Gardener’s Guide Book

If you know anyone who is interested in gardening then they are bound to love this book full of colorful pictures and information on how to sow, plant, and grow in your garden. This hardcover book teaches every part of gardening from planning where to plant items to how to protect them from pests.

13. The Plant Club Subscription Box

A great gift for someone, with this subscription you get a new houseplant every month. The plants are mostly houseplants although occasionally they throw in a surprise plant. The gift box comes complete with everything you need to care for your new plant including instructions, a pot, labels, and colored photographs.

14. Bloomin’ Bin

Each month seeds are sent that are in-season and ready to grow. All you need to do if add soil, sunlight, and water.

There are four different plans to choose from. Plan 1 is just the seeds whereas the premium plan contains soil, plant food, a garden tool, and possibly live plants depending on the box. The box will always contain a mix of fruit/vegetables and flowers.

15. Garden Journal

This garden journal is a great gift for either a novice or a professional gardener. The monthly plan in the journalk helps to plan out what needs to be done and when it need to be done.

This A5 book has 200 pages with a recipes section so you will not lose them. The tips section in the book means you don’t have to spend hours on your phone.

This book is both biodegradeable and recycleable and comes with a pocket in the back and a bookmark.

There’s plenty of awesome gifts for gardeners on this list, with ideas for gardeners of all types. I’m hoping someone will buy me that lovely garden journal if I drop a few well-timed hints! Or maybe I’ll just treat myself! 🙂 While you’re shopping for gifts, why not check out our eco-friendly subscription box guide or our budget-conscious roundup of eco-friendly gifts under $25?

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