25 Best Eco-friendly Subscription Boxes – Ultimate Eco-friendly Gift Guide!

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In a world where it seems like some products are made just to be disposed of, it’s refreshing to know that there are so many people striving to help the environment, all while running a business with their eco-friendly subscription boxes.

Subscription boxes are very popular right now, but are they really a good idea? They can be if you watch out for wasteful packaging and useless products. The best eco-friendly subscription boxes combine recycled and recyclable packing materials with safe products that you’ll actually use. In my list, I’ve found earth-friendly subscription boxes that bring beauty products, essential oils, candles, delicious foods, and other useful goodies right to your door. Treat yourself of gift a loved one with one of these awesome eco-friendly subscription boxes.

Earthlove eco-friendly subscription box

1. Earthlove

With Earthlove’s subscription boxes, you’ll enjoy fun, eco-friendly artisanal goodies, plus a little education on how you can help heal the planet. Its boxes typically come with books and magazines, in addition to a slew of full-size products. Recent boxes included yummy organic popcorn, all-natural laundry soap bars, and reusable shopping bags.


Nature's Wellness eco-friendly subscription box

2. Nature’s Wellness

Nature’s Wellness specializes in fragrant but non-toxic aromatherapy. Each box is filled with home and beauty products that are infused with pure essential oils. Every month, you’ll find things like laundry detergent, hand soap, body scrubs, candles, and room refreshers in your subscription box. They’re safe for you, but they’re also planet-friendly and cruelty-free.


BloomsyBox eco-friendly subscription box

3. BloomsyBox

Enjoy gorgeous blooms on a bi-weekly or monthly basis when you purchase a BloomsyBox subscription. The beautiful bouquets are cut only as needed to guarantee freshness and come hand-tied for a personalized touch. They make a great gift, for yourself or a loved one, and best of all, they’re sourced from sustainable farms from all around the world.


Torch eco-friendly subscription box

4. Torch

Torch candles combine pure soy wax and natural fragrances to create a pleasing olfactory experience. When you light one of these jarred wonders, your space will fill with intoxicating aromas such as bergamot sage, vanilla thyme, cedar moss, and bellflower gingergrass. Have your favorite scent delivered each month, or try something new with each shipment.


Ecocentric Mom eco-friendly subscription box for moms

5. Ecocentric Mom

If you’re pregnant or have just had a baby, you’ve undoubtedly got a ton on your plate. Don’t forget about taking care of mama! Ecocentric Mom’s monthly subscription box makes it easy by delivering eco-friendly essentials for moms and moms-to-be. In addition to beauty products and gifts for baby, you’ll usually find a sweet snack, too!


AM Soaps eco-friendly handmade subscription box

6. AM Soaps

AM Soaps offers two eco-friendly subscription boxes with a focus on keeping clean in the bath and kitchen. No matter which you choose, you’ll enjoy vegan, all-natural products and absolutely no plastic or waste. Choose your own fragrances from available options, and don’t hesitate to ask for a substitution. Like surprises? Free gifts like bags and lip balms are thrown in every once a while.


Crunchy Mama eco-friendly subscription box for moms

7. Crunchy Mama

Crunchy Mama’s subscription box is filled with eco-friendly goodies for those who have adopted the “crunchy” lifestyle of doing and being better for the environment. Each month, you’ll receive snacks, bath products, essential oils, and other full-size products that are natural and organic. The company’s mom-owned, but you don’t have to be a mama to enjoy the deliveries.


Urban Organic Gardener gift box for gardeners

8. Urban Organic Gardener

If you love helping bring things to life, consider the Urban Organic Gardener subscription box. Each month, you’ll find an array of high-quality seeds, gardening accessories, and planting tips and advice. Best of all, the seeds you receive are customized to your area to help ensure successful growth. They’re also non-hybridized and non-GMO.


Eco-Cha Tea Club subscription box

9. Eco-Cha

The Eco-Cha Tea Club’s monthly shipments go out every month on the first. They’re a tea-lover’s dream as the company sources exclusive blends directly from Taiwan. With each delivery, you’ll receive 75g of tea that you won’t find anywhere else, along with its origin story. The boxes do come from Taiwan, but shipping is free.


Tayst Coffee subscription box for coffee lovers

10. Tayst Coffee

Addicted to your Keurig machine? Hate that those little plastic cups are so wasteful? Tayst Coffee is here to help! It’s a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm that roasts every week. Its monthly box comes with up to 240 Keurig coffee pods that are 100% biodegradable. There’s absolutely no plastic, so just throw them in the compost when you’re done.


Power Post subscripition box

11. Power Post

Planet Post makes it easier to devote time to environmental causes by doing all the legwork for you. Every month, it carefully researches crucial social issues and presents you with all the information it finds. It also sends you postcards, stamps, and the addresses of the leaders and representatives who are in charge of change so you can make your voice heard.


Skin To Glow began beauty gift box

12. Skin To Glow

Skin to Glow’s monthly and quarterly subscription boxes are designed for people who want to be more thoughtful about what they put on their skin. Its beauty products are never tested on animals, free of dangerous ingredients, and come from brands that support sustainability. Even the delivery packaging is eco-friendly and easily recyclable.


Puremess CoziBox eco-friendly subscription box

13. Puremess CoziBox

Coming to you from the UK, Puremess CoziBoxes are the epitome of “Hygge” coziness. Each shipment includes up to six handmade goodies, ranging from soaps and candles to crafts and candy, all designed to bring about feelings of content. With these eco-friendly boxes, you can take self-care to the next level (or show some love to a friend!)


greenUP Box eco-friendly subscription box

14. greenUP

If you agree that there’s too much unnecessary plastic in the world, join greenUP on its mission to say #byeplastic. Its zero-waste subscription boxes ship out six times per year, and they’re filled with everyday items that are environmentally friendly. Try it for a year to see just how much plastic you can eliminate from your life.


The Wild Susan Company handmade candles natural subscription box

15. The Wild Susan Company

Wild Susan subscription boxes invite you to be wild. Its monthly deliveries are filled with the company’s handmade candles — each created with soy wax, cotton wicks, and all-natural essential oils. You can be a little wild by having two small tins delivered each month, or really let your wild side show by going for two giant tumblers with every shipment.


Bloomin' Bin eco-friendly gardener subscription box gift idea

16. Bloomin’ Bin

Whether you’re a new gardener or blessed with a green thumb, Bloomin’ Bin subscription boxes are here to help advance your efforts. Choose from four different packages, ranging from a basic delivery of seeds to a premium shipment that also includes gardening aids. Depending on availability, you may also receive live plants.


First Saturday Lime eco-friendly pest control subscription

17. First Saturday Lime

With First Saturday Lime, you don’t have to struggle between being eco-friendly and wanting to get rid of bugs. Every month, the company sends you a 20 lb bag of its proprietary and all-natural pesticide blend, plus a special gift. Use the powder all around the house and yard to get rid of pests, odors, and bacteria, without hurting the environment or your furry friends.


Brothers Coffee Company coffee lover subscription box gift idea

18. Brothers Coffee Company

Brothers Coffee Company loves a good brew as much as you do, so it scours the world looking for roasters who deliver good products and good values. It sources only ethically and sustainably grown beans, all freshly roasted so you enjoy the best quality. With every purchase, you’ll also help fund cervical cancer screening and treatment.


The Cruelty Free Beauty Box eco-friendly vegan beauty subsctiption box

19. The Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

Our quest for beauty doesn’t have to involve animal testing. The Cruelty-Free Beauty Box proves it by bringing you an array of vegan hair, makeup, and skincare products that are made without harming the earth’s creatures. You also get your money’s worth as every box is promised to be valued at least twice what you paid.


Bug Box novelty cooking subscription box

20. Bug Box

Did you know that insects are eaten by over a third of the world’s population? And it’s for good reason: Insects are high in protein, packed with vitamins, and environmentally-friendly as they’re highly sustainable. The Bug Box capitalizes on all the good of bugs by bringing you safe, edible insects that actually taste great. You can even get them covered in chocolate!


Green Kid Crafts eco-friendly educational subscription box for kids

21. Green Kid Crafts

Stop wasting money on expensive, mass-produced, and eco-damaging toys that your kids will soon tire of. Turn playtime into a fun learning experience with Green Kid Crafts monthly subscription boxes. With each shipment, you’ll receive an age-appropriate and eco-friendly craft that will spark your little one’s imagination and have them wanting more.


Used Books Monthly book lovers subscription box gift idea

22. Used Books Monthly

Book lovers unite! With Used Books Monthly, you can have new reads delivered straight to your door every month. Best of all, because the books are second-hand, they’re cheaper than what you’ll find at the store and they’re better for the environment. To get started, just choose your favorite genres and decide how many books you’d like with each shipment.


A Curated Thrift upcycling eco-friendly subscription box for fashion lovers

23. A Curated Thrift

Love how environmentally friendly thrift shopping is, but often get frustrated because you can’t put together perfect outfits? A Curated Thrift is here to solve your problems. Every month, the store will send you up to four expertly curated pieces according to your unique sense of style. Sourced from thrift stores in Florida, the pieces are gently used and ready for a second life.


Wicked Good Perfume eco-friendly subscription box womens gift idea

24. Wicked Good Perfume

Handmade using only natural ingredients, Wicked Good Perfume’s fragrances are intoxicating but clean. Treat your body and your home right with pure essential oils that are free from parabens, petroleum, phthalates, and other nasties. The products are also cruelty-free (because animals deserve respect, too!) and responsibility sourced using sustainable ingredients.


Succulents Box subscription box for plant lovers

25. Succulents Box

Succulents are all the rage, but did you know they’re also eco-friendly? They require very little water and can grow just about anywhere in the world. (They’re also super hardy, so they’re perfect if you aren’t known for your gardening skills.) With the Succulents Box, you can have up to four cute varieties shipped every month.


Wrapping Up (the article, not the subscription boxes – those are already wrapped for you!)

When you’re thinking of buying an eco-friendly subscription box as a gift or for yourself, make sure you choose one filled with useful, planet-friendly, natural or upcycled products, and that they really are eco-friendly – don’t be hoodwinked by greenwashing! The very best eco-friendly subscription boxes also use recyclable, environmentally friendly packaging. And, of course, they’re good value and awesome gifts (or self-care treats). Our list has 25 of what we think are the very best eco-friendly subscription boxes, with something for everyone – boxes for mom, boxes for kids, subscription boxes for gardeners, coffee lovers, tea drinkers, book lovers, and more! 

And, if you’re on a quest to live a little greener and save money by reducing your food waste, check out our 17 simple hacks to help you make your food last longer!

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Written by Cassandra Alvarez

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