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Reviewing the GreenUP Subscription Box – Is It Really Great Value?

I love to try new things, so monthly subscription boxes like greenUP are right up my alley. I find them to be quite exhilarating — I never peek at previews, so when they arrive, it’s like Christmas has come early.

When I had the opportunity to try greenUP’s latest shipment, I didn’t hesitate. I’ve researched the eco-friendly company before, and I was intrigued by its mission to get people to say #byeplastic. 

While I’ve made efforts in my own life to avoid unnecessary waste, I have to admit, it’s hard sometimes. You usually have to trade cost and convenience for eco-friendliness, and that’s not always an easy choice to make.

That’s where greenUP can help. Its affordably priced subscription boxes are filled with everyday essentials that nearly anyone can use. Best of all, the value of the items you receive is always much greater than what you pay. So not only are you slowly introducing sustainable products into your home, you’re also saving money. That’s definitely something I can get behind.

Keep reading to learn more about greenUP, how much it costs, and what you can expect in its bi-monthly shipments. Are the subscription boxes really worth it? I think so, and I think you’ll agree by the end of this review. 

Short on time? Here’s what you need to know about greenUP subscription boxes

FrequencyEvery other month
Cost$39.95 per shipment
Shipping$3 flat rate within the continental US$6 flat rate for Alaska, Hawaii, US territories
ContentsFour to six eco-friendly products made from sustainable materials

What Is greenUP?

greenUP is a subscription box service that’s committed to helping people eliminate plastic from their day-to-day lives. It’s a big job, because plastic is everywhere. But by combining slow acclimation with low prices, greenUP is making it easier than ever to say #byeplastic.

greenUp subscription box review
My greenUP subscription box in it’s lovely eco-friendly packaging

The company’s subscription boxes ship out every other month. They’re filled with four to six eco-friendly items that have been made with sustainable, reusable materials — think bamboo, stainless steel, silicone, and glass. The items you receive are meant to replace disposable items you’re using right now, like one-time-use straws, dryer sheets, and plastic shopping bags. The idea is that with each box you receive, you’ll make small changes to your daily routine that will ultimately save you money and help the environment.

How Much Does greenUP Cost?

greenUP subscription boxes cost $39.95 per shipment, plus $3 for shipping within the continental US. If you live in Alaska, Hawaii, or a US territory, you’ll pay $6 for shipping.

These boxes ship out every other month, so you can expect a year’s worth of shipments to cost between $260 and $276, depending on where you live.

In addition to surprising you with new goodies every other month, part of the intrigue of greenUP subscription boxes is that they offer you an easy and affordable way to incorporate plastic-free products into your life. While the company doesn’t disclose the value of the products it sends, I researched the items in a recent shipment and found them to be valued at nearly $100. So paying just $39.95 plus shipping per box is a pretty good deal.

What’s Inside a greenUP Subscription Box?

greenUP box review
Look at all these awesome reusable products!

For the purposes of my review, I went with greenUP’s Work Day Box. Here’s what I found inside.

Travel bamboo cutlery set from greenUP box
Travel bamboo cutlery set from greenUP box

First up is a bamboo utensil set wrapped up inside a soft, canvas case. The set includes a spoon, fork, knife, straw, cleaning brush, and chopsticks. 

I’m a huge fan of my bamboo cooking spoons, so I was really excited that I could expand my collection. As the set is self-contained, it’s perfect for tucking away inside a desk drawer or glove compartment. And it includes everything you’d need to enjoy a meal on the run, whether it’s a steamy bowl of soup, a super-healthy salad, or yummy fried rice.

Sandwich-size resealable silicone storage bag
Sandwich-size resealable silicone storage bag

The next item is a resealable silicone storage bag. It’s about roughly the same dimensions as a quart-size storage bag, so it’s just right for holding a sandwich, some crackers, cheese cubes, or other small snacks.


I actually have a set of reusable silicone bags, but I don’t take them on the go too much because I’m not convinced the seals are strong enough to keep spills at bay. However, greenUP’s silicone bag is clearly superior in quality. The seal is thick and strong — I tested it out using water, and it didn’t leak at all. If you like to take fruit, veggies, and other tasty-but-messy foods on the go, I have no doubt this bag will serve you (and your lunch box) well.

Stainless steel bento-style lunch box with two layers
Stainless steel bento-style lunch box with two layers

The largest item in this month’s greenUP subscription box is a stainless steel, bento-style lunch box. It measures 6.5 inches long and 5 inches wide, and it’s comprised of tiers, each about 2 inches deep.

This is easily the prize of the box. The metal container is so well-made, and it just looks so nice. It’s the perfect size for lunch, and the two tiers mean that I can store my foods separately to prevent sogginess or mixing things that don’t go together. The flyer included in the box claimed the storage container was leakproof thanks to silicone rings in the lids, and it was! I used it for a curry and rice lunch, and I didn’t experience any messes. Bonus: The box is stainless steel, so it’s dishwasher safe!

greenUp eco-friendly tea ball
greenUp eco-friendly tea ball

Next up is a stainless steel tea infuser. The ball-shaped strainer is held together by a silicone band that doubles as a handle for easy removal when you’re done steeping. 

This nifty tool couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve recently started drinking tea again, and while I’ve avoided expensive and polluting tea bags, my alternative had been to use my coffee maker. (No, it wasn’t ideal, but yes, it did work.) With this tea strainer, all you do is pull off one half of the chamber, fill it with tea leaves, and pop the cap back on. The best part: No tiny tea particles floating in your mug! When it’s time to clean, just pry the ball apart, dump the leaves, give it a quick rinse, and let it dry.

greenUp eco-friendly reusable hand sanitizer dispenser
greenUp eco-friendly reusable hand sanitizer dispenser

The last item in this month’s greenUP subscription box is a reusable hand sanitizer dispenser made of bamboo and glass. Unscrew the lid, and you’ll find a rollerball that you can easily remove for refilling.

This is a small inclusion, but it’s definitely a convenient one. Like many, I’m mostly stuck at home right now, but when I do head to the grocery store, I almost always forget to bring the hand sanitizer. This tiny container is the perfect size for slipping into a purse, briefcase, or pocket, and you can refill it with gel sanitizer or just use regular rubbing alcohol.

Bottom Line: Is a greenUP Subscription Box Worth It?

Considering that greenUP boxes cost just $39.95 and could be filled with up to $100 in merchandise (and maybe more), I think they’re definitely worth it. They’re even more enticing when you take into account that you aren’t receiving cheap, environmentally-unfriendly junk that’s soon headed for a landfill.

I found that all the items I received in the Work Day Box had real value, and I’ve already put the tea strainer, silicone storage bag, and hand sanitizer bottle into regular use. 

As the company promised, just about everything in the box — including the packing materials — was free of plastic. The only exception was a small amount in the cap of the hand sanitizer bottle, but that’s not something that’s going to be thrown away for a very long time.

If you’re concerned about the environment — and seriously, we all should be — but aren’t sure how to make meaningful changes that will help, I think that a greenUP subscription box is a good place to start. It’s affordable and its contents are useful, and if you do come across something you won’t use, you can pass it along to someone in your life who’s also ready to make a change. And, if you want some other eco-friendly gift ideas, check out our post on eco-friendly gift boxes.


What comes in greenUP subscription boxes?

With each subscription box, you’ll receive between four and six eco-friendly items for use around your home or office. Each shipment is themed, so you might receive kitchen essentials, summer favorites, or travel goodies. 

When do greenUP boxes arrive?

greenUP boxes ship out at the beginning of even months (February, April, June, August, October and December). Once your subscription box ships out, you can expect it to arrive within three business days.

What kind of commitment does greenUP require?

One of the nicest things about greenUP is that the company doesn’t require any long-term commitments. Should you so desire, you can cancel your subscription after receiving your first box. You can also pause your shipments or restart them at any time.

Can I buy previous greenUP boxes?

Yes, you can buy previous greenUP subscription boxes, depending on availability. The company generally has the last three to four boxes available to purchase on its website.

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