Natural Uses of Vinegar

Vinegar: Not Just For Chips

Vinegar is one of the most commonly found ingredients in the cupboard at home. As well as being used for pickling onions and adding flavor to dishes, vinegar has many other uses around the home and the garden. We’ve already talked about how to clean carpets using vinegar as one of the main ingredients, but […]

Natural Remedies for Water Retention

Natural Remedies for Water Retention

Nearly every woman on the planet suffers from monthly water retention. Minor edema, or bloating, in men can be caused by heat, exercise, exertion, and the occasional sodium-saturated meal. (Note that severe swelling in the ankles and other extremities could be signs of a serious health issue, and you should contact your doctor immediately.) For women, however, the […]

lavender oil

10 Uses for Lavender Oil

ref=”//” rel=”attachment wp-att-673″> Lavender oil is amongst the most common essential oils people tend to keep around the house. Not only does is it a power aromatherapy agent, it is so versatile you soon keep in on the short list of basic household necessities. Most of us here at Real Self Sufficiency proudly admit to having at […]

Natural Acid Reflux Remedies

10 Best Natural Acid Reflux Remedies

ref=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-652″> While occasional heartburn, or acid reflux, is normal after indulging in rich food, it doesn’t have to be a part of daily life. If you’re regularly popping antacids, it’s time to change up your game. Antacids aren’t discriminatory enough and shouldn’t be relied on to cure your problem. You need a balance […]

DIY coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera skin cream

DIY Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera Healing Natural Skin Cream

ref=”//” rel=”attachment wp-att-649″> Store-bought skincare is extraordinarily expensive – and it’s full of all kinds of chemical weirdness that you really don’t want getting into your body. So I thought it was about time I shared my natural skincare recipe. It’s ridiculously easy to make, only contains natural ingredients, and doesn’t cost much. We use […]


How to Use Garlic as a Natural Antibiotic, Antiseptic, Antifungal, and Antibacterial Home Remedy

Garlic – tasty but stinky. Super nice added to bolognaise. But is that really all it’s good for? Not a chance. In actual fact, fresh garlic contains allicin, which is a potent antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. It’s been in use for at least 4,000 years. And modern medicine is finally paying attention. Because allicin […]

Natural Acne Treatment

ref=”//” rel=”attachment wp-att-499″> Whether you’re a teen hit with puberty, or have late-stage acne, everyone wants clear skin, and no one wants to suffer through pimples and blemishes that hang around forever. These natural acne treatments help balance your skin’s pH and clear up troublesome skin problems. Follow the Basic Steps of Skincare We were astounded when […]

High Fiber Foods

Our Five Favorite High Fiber Treats

ref=””>Getting 25-30 grams of fiber per day in your diet is harder than it sounds. If you’re not already checking online nutrient charts to keep a basic food journal, it’s time to start making regular online searches to get an idea of how much fiber the foods you eat regularly include. (Hint: kale? Not as […]

Natural Sinus Treatment

Five Natural Treatments for Chronic Sinus Pain

Allergy sufferers take note: there is relief in sight for your seasonal sinus headaches. Some of us are afflicted with irritated, inflamed sinuses on a regular basis, while many others just get impacted when the seasons change or when we’re in new surroundings. Whether it’s the dry air of the winter months or the hay fever of spring […]

Yoga Poses for Back Pain

8 Yoga Poses for Back Pain

If you have chronic back pain, yoga strengthens abdominal and lumbar muscles to help alleviate discomfort. We’ve put together a yoga for back pain series you can do right at home every day to make you stronger and more comfortable. DISCLAIMER: we hope it goes without saying (but we’re saying it anyway), but please consult a […]

green money

Foraging For Beginners: Why Bother Foraging?

Well, foraging has a huge range of benefits, if it’s done correctly, and it’s something humans have been doing since we first clambered out of the ooze and into the sunlight. Let’s look at some of these benefits:

Physical Activity

foraging exercise

If you’re going to forage, whether for salad greens, seeds, nuts, or anything else, you’ve got to get out of the house and move around. In the digital age, we humans don’t do anywhere near as much physical activity as previous generations, because everything’s done for us. Our predecessors had to work to get anything done, from making their own bread to going to the green grocers, the butchers, the chemist, the haberdashery, and a variety of other vendors to get their weekly supplies. We hop online and get it all delivered, or else we just drive up the road to the nearest supermarket, where everything’s all crammed together in one place. So many of us lead very sedentary lives, with some getting no real physical activity, and the extent of their contact with nature and the great outdoors is the trip from the front door to the car. We all know we should get out more and do more, but it can be a challenge. Foraging allows you to focus on something other than actual exercise. You’re busy looking for food, after all, so you bend, stretch, walk, and generally move around. Which means you’re exercising without consciously doing so, improving your general health, flexibility, and range of movement. You’ll find yourself enjoying the great outdoors, getting back to nature, and away from the television, tablet, laptop, desktop, game console, and the rest of our electromagnetic radiation-generating devices. This helps to recharge your batteries, lift your mood, and improve your mental and physical well-being.
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