7 Natural Ways to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

Spiders aren’t exactly man’s best friend and no-one really wants them in their home, especially when they create copious amounts of cobwebs. Many people simply cannot get close enough to capture them and remove them outside, so the best thing is to prevent them coming into the home in the first place. While there are chemical remedies available, it’s much safer for you, your family, and your pets if you use natural ways to keep spiders out instead.



The old wives tale that chestnuts, or conkers, repel spiders has no real scientific theory behind it, but many people agree that it does actually work. For this method to really work, the chestnuts should be placed on every windowsill in the home. It is thought that it’s the smell that puts spiders off coming into the home and drilling a small hole into the chestnut makes this method even more effective. Chestnuts only need to be changed once a year, making this an incredibly easy method of keeping your home free from spiders!

Peppermint Oil


Spiders hate the smell of peppermint and will avoid any areas where the smell is particularly strong. Simply mix some pure peppermint oil with some water and pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture into any cracks and small spaces where spiders are likely to come into your home. As an added bonus mice also hate the smell of peppermint! Don’t forget you can also add a few drops of peppermint oil to our DIY carpet freshener recipe to hep keep spiders away.

Natural Spider Spray


Making your own natural spider spray is quick, easy, and inexpensive. The ingredients are all natural and spraying it around windows, doors and in any cracks will keep spiders away.  Mix the  following ingredients into a spray bottle that is half filled with water and apply the mixture once a week. Add 15 drops of tea tree oil, half a cup of white wine vinegar, and a few squirts of natural liquid dish soap. This mixture will make those pesky spiders avoid your home at all costs!

Lady Bugs


Now, we’re not suggesting that you bring a collection of live lady bugs into your home but introducing them to the outside of your home will certainly help keep those spiders away. Leave a trail of lady bugs around the outside of your home to prevent spiders entering your home. The lady bugs will not kill the spiders but will eat the small bugs that the spiders also want to eat.

Hedge Apples


Hedge Apples are very similar to chestnuts when it comes to preventing spiders entering your home – nobody knows how it works, it just does. Place the hedge apples around your home but ensure that they are out of reach of children and animals as they are toxic. Always wear gloves when you’re handling them and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Citrus Peel


The scent of citrus is another smell that spiders are not keen on.  Citrus essential oils around any cracks or small gaps where spiders normally enter will repel those pesky arachnids. You could also use fresh citrus peelings, such as orange, lemon, or pineapple. These citrus peelings should be changed every 24 hours to prevent them from losing their scent.



Another really good deterrent for spiders is cedar. Placing cedar mulch around the outside of your home will stop them from trying to enter. Blocks of cedar within the home also keep spiders away. If you use cedar hangers you’ll have far fewer spiders in your closet, too.

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