Pest Profiles: The Squash Bug, Anasa tristis

The bane of many gardeners life, the squash bug, Anasa tristis, is commonly found throughout the US. Their damage is limited to members of the gourd family including squash, cucumbers, and pumpkins. They attack plants in large numbers and like to gather on the leaves, vines, and fruits of the plant. The bugs cause damage to the […]

Keep New Year's Resolutions

How To Make Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

ref=”” rel=”attachment wp-att-597″> When the New Year rings in, many of us are tempted to make New Year’s resolutions that will completely overhaul our lifestyles. Whether you’ve vowed to lose some weight or learn a new language, the problem is that most of us break these resolutions almost as soon as we make them. Why? Many […]