Write With Us

Here at Real Self Sufficiency, we value useful, informative content, and we’re always on the lookout for contributors. Because we’re still in our infancy, although we’re growing fast, we can’t offer you much in the way of compensation. However, because our founder is a writer herself and doesn’t believe in writers working for free, we give what we can. Right now, that’s:
– $10 for short posts (500 words)
– $20 for longer pieces (1000 words)
– A byline and bio (with a link back to your own site or online profile if you wish)
– The opportunity to work with an experienced editor
– Your content seen by a rapidly growing audience (already exceeding 10,000 readers per month)
– The opportunity to become a regular contributor as we continue to grow
– The opportunity to share your knowledge and experience
– Help other people and enrich their lives
– Build your personal brand
– Be involved with shaping something amazing

We need articles and guides related to green living and homesteading. That includes natural health, making your home (or business) greener, living off grid, emergency preparedness, frugal living, foraging, growing food, raising livestock, crafts, self-sufficiency, survivalism/prepping, natural pet care, DIY, and related topics.

We may also be interested in purchasing video tutorials.

Please note that we only accept 100% original content that’s well-crafted, informative, useful, and engaging. We do not accept self-promotional or sales copy.

If you’re interested, please use our contact form: