Quick and Easy Christmas Snack Ideas

You never know when friends are going to pop round over the Christmas period, and it’s a brilliant idea to have some ideas so you can quickly and easily whip up some tasty treats for any visitors that turn up! These quick Christmas snacks are all fun to make and won’t mean you have to spend hours over the oven instead of spending time with your family and friends over Christmas.

Grinch Kabobs



Based on the character “The Grinch”, these fruit treats are easy to make and healthy, too. Children can help place the fruit in the correct order on the toothpick. The bobble on the hat is a mini marshmallow!

Reindeer Treats



These reindeer treats are so simple to make, and everyone has spare pretzels around at Christmas. Children will love to help to place the Rolos on top of the pretzels. The antlers are made from round pretzels that are cut to form the letter ‘E’ before being placed in the Rolo. They need placing in the oven for just a few minutes before the Red Sixlet is placed on for the nose. If you don’t have any Red Sixlet, then any red candy will do such as a Smartie or a red Skittle.

Snowman Donuts



Even the children could make these simple snowman donuts in extra quick time! Buy the powdered sugar donuts and decorate with chocolate chips for the eyes and smiling mouth, and a candy corn for the nose!

Santa Strawberries



Lovely fresh strawberries, filled with whipped cream and decorated using chocolate sprinkles for the eyes. Very easy and quick to make. Substitute the whipped cream with low fat cream cheese if you want a healthier alternative!

Santa Party Poppers


Fruity, sweet, and fabulous looking, these Santa Party Poppers are a mixture of fruit and marshmallow held together on a cocktail stick. Santa’s beard and trim to his hat are sliced marshmallow. The eyes are just small drops of melted chocolate, and the red nose is a red M&M held in place with more melted chocolate!

Christmas Santa Crackers



These savory snacks look great and taste even better. Only made using butter crackers, they are decorated with a pepperoni slice cut into a triangle for the hat. Ricotta cheese is used for Santa’s beard, and capers and celery are used for the eyes and mustache. The eyes and mustache are held in place using a small dab of the ricotta cheese.

Pita Christmas Tree Appetizers



Very quick and easy to make, these pita Christmas trees are round pita bread that are divided into 8 with a pretzel in the bottom to create the trunk of the tree. The topping is made from a mixture of guacamole, sour cream, parsley and pepper blend that has been mixed and liberally spread on. Make the decoration on the Christmas tree using sliced red pepper for a tasty appetizer.

Christmas Tree Veggie Platter



How wonderful does this Christmas vegetable platter look? Incredibly colorful, it makes a great centerpiece and tastes delicious served with a selection of dips. The broccoli needs to be placed in boiling water for only about 15 seconds before being plunged into ice water. The presents are made from different cheeses with chives wrapped around them to make them look like presents.

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