wild asparagus

Foraging For Beginners: Wild Asparagus

Asparagus officinalis, or common asparagus, is the regular variety that is cultivated by people across the globe, but it’s also the most common type that you’ll find in the wild. It escapes from kitchen gardens and allotments and goes “feral”, reverting back to its natural state quickly, where it produces large numbers of long, slender […]

Cotton’s Dirty Secret: The Shocking Reasons to Avoid Dirty Cotton and Choose Organic


Cotton – harmless and cheap – right? Sadly not. In fact, regular, everyday cotton, more accurately known as dirty cotton, is exceptionally dangerous. Yes, it’s cheap in terms of your bank balance, but it’s devastatingly expensive in terms of your health, the environment, wildlife, and the people who live and work in and around dirty cotton production. You hear “Organic cotton is just a silly fad. There’s no difference.” But there really, really is. Let’s look at some of the more shocking reasons you should avoid dirty cotton at all costs and why you should switch to the safer alternatives.
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reduce energy consumption

10 Simple Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption

We’re all guilty of wasting energy from time to time. Our busy lives mean that sometimes we just don’t stop and think about the energy we’re consuming. Yet reducing the amount of energy you use isn’t just about saving the planet – it’s about saving you money, too. So, if it helps you remember to […]

14 Simple Sustainable Living Ideas

Sustainable Living. It’s a term we hear a lot – but what does that really mean? While this term means different things to different people, in essence, it’s about minimizing our impact on the planet and living in harmony with Mother Earth instead of mindlessly plundering her resources. While ideally, huge numbers of us would […]